Tenax Energy is a proudly Australian-owned company committed to delivering sustainable tidal energy to Australian communities.

Established in 2007, Tenax Energy identified a significant gap in Australia’s renewable energy sector. Recognising that Australia is in a unique position with thousands of kilometres of coastline, Tenax Energy set about researching how to maximise this natural resource to generate green energy and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

The time is right for tidal energy. Demand for energy in Australia is projected to increase by 50 per cent by 2020. If Australia is to meet the Mandatory Renewable Energy Target of 20 per cent renewable energy supply by 2020, additional technologies and renewable sources will be required.

Tenax Energy combines a passion for building a commercially viable Australian owned and operated renewable energy company with the goal to reduce Australia’s reliance on fossil fuels.

Our Vision

Tenax Energy is committed to producing sustainable, clean and reliable energy for the Australian market.

Our Business Principles

Our Commitment

Tenax Energy is committed to meeting and wherever possible exceeding Australia’s stringent environmental regulations as well as the expectations of the wider community.

Our People

Committed to sourcing the best team and resources available, Tenax Energy combines local know-how with international expertise and research.

Tenax Energy has engaged a group of highly qualified consultants to assist in preparing feasibility studies, undertake initial environmental assessments, and prepare an overview of the proposed project, project location and potential knowledge gaps.

It is intended to continue with the practice of engaging external consultants to undertake the research and the site-specific studies that are essential to address the knowledge gaps. This decision has been underpinned by the quality of the outputs generated during the preliminary phase. There has been a genuine level of enthusiasm expressed by the consulting teams to date, as they take on an exciting and meaningful project in the renewable energy sector.