Climate change is forcing us to think outside the square – to develop new, cleaner and more sustainable solutions to meet our increasing energy needs.

Tidal energy offers a clean energy alternative.

Climate change – the time to act

Climate change and the importance of the carbon footprint have emerged as some of the big issues requiring action by government, business and individuals alike.

The time to act is now. Recognising that Australia has the highest level of emissions per capita than other developed countries, it is critical that Australia be proactive and explores our renewable energy options.

The Australian Government has recognised the importance of renewable energy to our future by setting a Mandatory Renewable Energy Target of 20% for Australia’s electricity supply by 2020.

Tidal energy – a clean alternative

Tidal energy represents an exciting new development in the renewable energy sector.  Building on the success of other innovative renewable energy projects that generate energy from natural elements including water, wind and sun, tidal energy has the potential to contribute to the renewable energy solution required to tackle climate change.

Tidal energy is a particularly clean, reliable and sustainable source of renewable energy.

Generating tidal energy means:

Tidal energy - how it works

Oceans make up 70 per cent of the earth’s surface and twice a day, every day, the water level of the sea rises and falls in response to tidal influences, creating powerful and reliable water currents.

By harnessing these powerful ocean tidal currents, similar to the way a windmill catches the breeze, energy can be generated.

Located many metres below the ocean’s surface, tidal energy turbines are strategically located to maximise the tidal flow to turn the turbine blades and efficiently generate 100 per cent green energy.

Tidal turbine technology is undergoing constant development to improve its performance and Tenax Energy is committed to using the most advanced technology based on both environmental and operational performance.

International tidal energy projects

There is worldwide interest in tidal energy, as the world recognises the need to explore and generate energy from renewable sources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

A number of exciting tidal energy projects are being developed in New Zealand, Europe, Asia, the UK and Canada, attracting significant investment from Governments, banks, utilities companies and developers.  Australia can’t afford to miss the opportunity to be part of this renewable energy revolution.